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Dakar, a former fishing village, has prospered thanks to its privileged location, sunny climate and cultural festival. Explore the Corniche, the historic district of Medina and taste “Thieboudienne”, the Senegalese national dish.

Don't miss the Soumbedioune fish market for fresh seafood. Finally, visit the island of Gorée to discover the captivating history of Senegal.

The magnificent Somone nature reserve is a classified site which is frequented throughout the year by many birds (herons, pelicans, flamingos, egrets) which come to nest between the mangrove forest and the sandbanks. This reserve covers more than 7,000 hectares.

Discover the city of Saint Louis, its architectural heritage from the colonial era, which earned it its UNESCO classification; an African and cosmopolitan city

The Saloum Delta, one of the most beautiful natural regions of Senegal, classified as a World Biosphere Reserve; forests, maritime areas and natural parks

Visit the largest national park in Senegal, Niokolo Koba, and one of the largest animal reserves in West Africa: wild animals, antelopes, monkeys, etc.

The Djoudj National Park, the 3rd ornithological reserve in the world, sheltering nearly 3 million migratory birds in a warm, aquatic universe; a park listed by UNESCO for its biodiversity

Lake Rose is located 35 km northeast of Dakar, it owes its fame to the original and changing color of its water. This lake constitutes a significant reserve of salt for the country.

Senegal is known for its cultural richness and ethnic diversity. You can experience a variety of traditions, customs, languages and dances, including those of the Wolof, Serer, Fulani, Diola and Mandinka.

Senegal Map

Renaissance Statue

Dakar City Center

The Soumbedioune market

The beach

The Théodore-Monod Museum

The mosque of the divinity in Ouakam

Saint Louis Bridge



Niokolo Koba Park

Ngor Island