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Are you looking for an unforgettable experience in the heart of Senegal, the country of Teranga? 

We will help you discover everything that makes it popular, in this case its cultural richness or its hospitality. 

Whatever the reason you want to visit Senegal, we will find the perfect accommodation for you. We offer apartment rentals in Dakar.

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Entire accommodation: Apartment in residence 1- Dakar, Senegal

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Renting comfortable apartments in Dakar

Our priority is to offer comfortable accommodation that meets the needs of our tenants. We strive to create welcoming living spaces, equipped with modern amenities and functional layouts. Whether cozy studios or spacious apartments, we ensure that our properties offer a pleasant living environment where our tenants feel at home from day one.

The best areas to rent Apartments in Dakar

Certain neighborhoods stand out for their attractiveness and growing demand. Sacred Heart II is one of those popular neighborhoods, offering a perfect blend of tranquility and accessibility. Located near the city center and benefiting from modern infrastructure, this residential area attracts tenants looking for comfort and quality of life. Its well-maintained streets, green spaces and amenities such as schools and shopping centers make it an ideal choice for those looking for an apartment in Dakar.

Why choose to rent an apartment in Dakar?

As a popular destination in West Africa, Dakar offers a multitude of reasons to come and rent an apartment there. Its rich culture, vibrant arts scene, stunning beaches and tasty cuisine are just some of the attractions that attract visitors from around the world. Additionally, its booming economy and pleasant year-round climate make it an attractive city for expats and investors.



Located 2km from Dakar by boat, the island of Gorée is listed as a UNESCO world heritage site. You will discover the history and beauty of the site around the symbol of the memory of the slave trade in Africa. You will find an atmosphere full of stories and emotions.

You will learn the infamous history of the slave trade. This museum is the vestige of all the suffering that thousands of slaves sent to the four corners of the world endured.

Travel to the country of La Teranga, an exotic destination which has unforgettable sites and great diversity, both natural and cultural.